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Getting ready to read “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects” by Edward J. Rupelt, who led USAF’s Project Blue book

That feeling when you spend all day configuring an IBM WebSphere application to authenticate with SAMLv2 SSO using a Microsoft AD FS IdP I also set up for the first time and it works on the very first login 🤓 😎 🤣

Just watched "Office Christmas Party" it starts pretty flat and over does the "wacky office workers" thing, then kind of makes up for it with an over the top second half IMO, ending is sort of an fantasy anticlimax. Funny how the cast is a mishmash of various sitcom actors and a few SNL alum, it's like each character you already know from somewhere else. Jason Bateman is Michael Bluth - 3/5

This is an observation of Mastodon / the Fediverse, it seems to be more common to find LGBTQ people here, does the demographic of this platform skew to any groups for some reason?

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What #mastodon community / instance admins do to prevent it becoming a new Twitter - a cesspool of hate?

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.@CassiniSaturn ended its journey Sept. 15, but analysis of its data continues! Dive into these fresh findings:… source:

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Trolls, Scammers, and Verified Facebook Pages Made This Combat-Wounded Vet an Anti-Kneeling Meme. His Real Story Is Much Better.
On Etsy, Facebook, and elsewhere, veterans’ sites are raking it in by selling a doctored image of Earl Granville—even after he’s asked them to stop.

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Top 10 active instances of the hour: (1350) (454) (238) (171) (166) (133) (106) (99) (97) (93)

Could a decentralized social network be built on top of a distributed internet protocol? I am intrigued by this project and had imagined something similar before, especially the interplanetary angle ☺

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Python 3.7: "More than 255 arguments can now be passed to a function, and a function can now have more than 255 parameters."


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#Video (2mins)
Australian Journalist Chris Ulhmann summarises the #G20 failure as a symptom of the decline of the #USA empire

Compushop guy speaks intelligently about COMPUTERS and the FUTURE in 1979 documentary

What have I been doing? Well after our vacation my brother convinced a friend and I to buy 2013's FPS on pc to play multiplayer together. I've totally skipped all the BFs and CoDs until this game, so for me it's great. I even like the unlocking progression mechanic, it's funny how it totally erased any desire I had to still play , similarly I was burnt out on Dark souls 2. I like grinding kills with the beginner AK-12 assault rifle and the M40A5sniper rifle with 2X IR sight

Haven't checked-in to Mastodon ( since early May, what have I missed? Side note: Somewhat impressed that this instance is still up and running (even with updates), a credit to the instance owner, thanks!